Tu Kaun hai..

Ik aadat hai tu…tu hi sabr hai.

Rog bhi hai tu…. tu hi marz hai.

Baandhu to toot jaaye…kholu to beh jaaye.

Baandhu to bhi dard hai… tujhe kholu to bhi dard hai.

Aasma ko taaku jab raat me… wo timtimata taara bhi tu hai.

Dekhu jab chaand ko … to wo nazara bhi tu hai.

Chalu to dagar bhi tu hai…giru to sahara bhi tu hai.

Jisme behta hu me …wo nadi bhi tu hai

OR jab doobu… to kinaara bhi tu hai.



Just a thought

If you want to be happy,  what I think is , just keep your life as simple as you can.

The Recruiter-Acceptance of a declined

A Short Story:

Day 1: The search

Unusual,it was a very busy day for me. I was working on a position which was demanding some skills very hard to find in a candidate. I will tell you a bit about how it works. We get a requirement from our client (mostly Defence and Aerospace). We search for the best candidate all over The United States. Once found, we forward his candidature to the Hiring Manager. If Hiring Manager likes the resume ,he schedules an interview and if everything goes likely on the interview day candidate is selected.

I kept on working on the position. Two hours passed , still no luck, I decided to make last few calls. Luckily, I found a resume perfect for the position, and he was unemployed from quiet a good time. So, I was sure he will agree to work. I called  “Leo Harptoy”,the candidate. The same irritating voice -mail, “the person you are trying to call..blaah..blaahh.blaaa..please leave a message”, so I did. I e-mailed him the job description in some hope of getting a reply. I kept on searching but exhausted. To my relief, after about half an hour, a notification blinked. Leo finally replied to my e-mail that he is interested in the job. I emailed him back asking about his salary expectations and other formal questions and I got the reply of each and every information I asked for. Everything worked well and I forwarded his resume to the Hiring Manager. Finally, sitting back relaxing. Smiling as I kept my words “I will find the best candidate sir”.

Day 2: The Interview

I sat on my chair, switched on my computer and first thing I did was, clicked on outlook bookmark. I was hoping for an e-mail from the Manager, and YESSSS… there was an e-mail stating that Manager was interested in LEO’s resume and he would like to schedule an In-person interview with him. Happily, I called Leo, I reached his voice mail again. I called him twice but no use. With a bit of tension in my mind, I dropped a message in his mailbox. After around 20 minutes I got his reply and a positive one. He was available for the interview the very next day. After getting a confirmation from his side , I e-mailed him the details of the interview as well as I confirmed the interview on portal too. After the confirmation , I started my hunt again on other positions and so on….

Day 3: The Interviewed

I called Leo to remind him of his interview, we do this generally with our candidates. As usual, voice-mail. I emailed him again, and this time within 5 minutes I got his reply “Hey Vikky, I do remember and I am already dressed up in my formals for so long and will be there on time”.  I was quite sure now about him reaching on time. with a relieve I continued working.

By the end of the day, interview ,when I was preparing to leave the office , I received  a note from the Manager “Candidate Leo Harptoy Interviewed”. I thought of calling Leo to take a finterview,but it was late now. I thought of making a call the next day and left the office.

Day 4: Offer to the declined

I was very very happy to see a mail in my inbox “Candidate Leo Harptoy is offered the position for ….”. Without even waiting for a minute I called Leo , I was too sure that he will accept the offer . No responce ,of my first call. I decided to call again as this time I really wanted him to receive it . “Helloooo…”, unexpected ,a female voice was there on the other side, ” A very good morning . May I speak to Leo please”, I replied. “This is her mom.May I know who is calling”,she asked. Answering her question I replied,”My name is Vikky and I am calling to tell Leo that he is offered the position for which he was interviewed yesterday”. “Whaaaaaattt”, in a surprise she was I thought. In the same tone I replied ,”Yes and I am happy to inform him that finally he is in the right job now”. After few seconds of silence what she said are the words still echoes in my ears, “Son, he died two years ago in a car-crash while going for one of his interview”. Speechless,stunned,shocked, I dont know what it was ,unprofessionally I hung up the phone. I was unable to digest this, head started paining . Air condition was on but I was sweating. Shocked ,stood up from my desk ,took a half-day and just vanished from the office that day .

Till today I open my e-mail with a fear of getting an e-mail from Leo…. “hey buddy…you still there……”.



Don’t know when I’ll come back home,

Making myself a heart of stone,

Tears fall dry down my brow,

After death my blood will glow.

I’m flooding blood for a noble cause,

At any-time my breath will pause

Far away from my heaven home

Bullet of pains are now my only own.

All the pain buried deep ….down my heart

All over the face,unhealing scars….

I’m a bleeding soul

In this selfish world

Fighting for there homes

But no one cares.






Truth,the  best principle to follow.Truth,everything for some and some can never handle.Truth can never be changed.Doesnt matter how professionally you do polish your lie,how truly you emblematize your false.You can not just root out the real truth of anything from your within.

But,it can be buried,easily…yes…that is what happening.You will never in your life know some truths,even if they are meant just for you,because the lies on which your present is standing will collapse like anything if the buried truth comes out,you’ll never know that what you are seeing is just like a jewellery in a showcase plated with gold water,but you’ll never know what is under it and what……a false life.

Action Plan…

An idea -a plan – the execution.Very basic steps to achieve your target.
You have to do a lot to accomplish your action.Hundred and thousands course
of action and plans to be executed,making sure of avoiding any potential
danger,mishap,or harm that too without missing a single point.So,you need to
bear in mind each and every single step in the ladder.Here action plan templates
comes into action.An action plan won’t let you puzzle.An effective action plan
template gives you a perfect schedule and set of defined steps to help
you to work out your plan exactly, rather than aimlessly wondering what to do next.

There are no such classification or types of action plan templates.Each and every individual use different kinds
of action plan templates depending upon the type of plan and field of execution. For ex:
1.Power Point Template
2.XLS Action Plan Template
3.Excel Action Plan Templates
4.Doc Action Plan Templates,etc
It totally depends upon the user who is framing the action plan in which form he wants to create his Action Plan.

We need an action plan template to get things done in a way that is well
organized and efficient. The action plan template helps business or organization to accomplish all that they
need to accomplish.
A well framed Action Plan helps you to focus your ideas.It sets clearly defined goals which are achievable by
following the template.It let you break down tasks into simple steps.This action plan template allows you to
carefully plan any task that needs to be completed. These templates help you to arrange and monitor things in a way that
is catalogued and well planned out.Action Plan Template prepares a ground and make it easy for a company or organization
to stay on track and on the top.Action Plan Template will help you to succeed; it will help you to accomplish every single
thing that you set out to accomplish.

To have a clear objective is a must before you start designing an Action Plan Template.Objective should be challenging enough,but
not too difficult and become the reason of your demoralisation.You try to be out of your comfort zone.Be clear about what you want to achieve
Make point about your gain after achieving your each target.Steps should be clear enough to get your goals.Break down the task into simple
small steps.The end point should be clear and rewarding.
Arrange steps in days and dates.Try to set your weekly goals.Map out what would happen if you failed to achieve your goals,try to keep some
alternatives and backup plans.Make it a bit flexible.Think more about the solutions rather than hovering upon the problems.
Another very important step is to review your progress.Keep noting down your daily progress.Make a review after two weeks or one depending upon
the complexity of work.Try to make opportunities by accepting challenges and mark them in Action Plan Template.Revise your plan every now and then.
During the framing of Action Plan and while following it,one factor which plays a different role is your company.Try mixing with positive people
Share your goals and ideas with your friends and family.They will provide support in your tough times and will motivate you.

So basically Action Plan Template is very basic and must thing you need to execute your idea into action.It helps you to identify your objective and setting
them in a way which are achievable and measurable.You can prioritize your tasks.Action Plan Template is like a reminder for you to complete work to a deadline
and having a contingency plan.
“By failing to prepare ,you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

The Question….????

A friend once asked me, ‘When you’re in love with someone, how do you know if it’s real?

How do you know it’s not just one of those ‘we like the same shows and the same quotes thing’?

It’s easy, you see, because when it’s real,
It’s not just your mind that craves their presence anymore,
It’s every cell and every nerve,
Every muscle and every single bone,
Everything inside of you screams their name,
Until all your organs go numb and come shuddering back to life again.

There’s electricity in your bones and there’s no fail-safe.
Their smile becomes your favorite poem and
Their laugh, your favorite song,
That you play on loop inside your head.

And before you can spell out love,
The folds in their skin become your favorite piece of art.

You fall, and you fall hard.

You go swirling inside, like a leaf in whirl wind and there’s no coming out of it.

You know it’s real when even though you have never seen the Taj Mahal together,

You know what it looks like, every time you look in their eyes.

One day you wake up and find that you have become a walking museum of memories and conversations.

The songs they played when they were seventeen, are all on display.

You feel like you are standing at the edge of a chasm and before you can even think of taking a decision,

You find yourself at the bottom, gasping for air.
And you close your eyes and choose to dive in deeper until the imaginary shore disappears.

And at the end of it all, you are happy because you know they’ll never discover your body.

‘Ah, that’s the worst part. You just never know’, I answered with a smirk.





They tell so much but never enough.

Shakespeare to Harper Lee, Wordsworth to Khaled Hosseini, words have been mercilessly used, and yet not been exhausted.

It’s a tad very, the way words work; boring knuckles deep, yet caressing like only a mother can. It’s a love hate relationship, words and us.

That’s the thing about words, they hurt. Unintentionally, but with the sole purpose of breaking you down to the lowest summit.

Words are cruel, they can haunt you far enough to tire you, and trust me, there’s no escape.


“Almost”, such a melancholic word.

Almost, the fact that we could have made it but didn’t.

Almost, the things that should’ve happened but somehow failed to.

Almost, the reminder that at the end of the day, we’re all failures.

Because we almost won, but then?


“Maybe”, a word opening up to endless possibilities.

Maybe this, maybe that. Maybe or maybe not.

A word that has turned our lives into an oxymoron.

Maybe,there’s a faint hope, even after all the bruising and mending, the slaughtering and mourning.


So you see, that’s how words work.

They don’t just exist, they flow, they burst, they bleed.

They make sure you know they’re there, even if you’re trying to run away.

They make sure you remember them, even if it is painstaking to do so.

They make sure you don’t lose them, even if a part of you dies everyday on hearing someone utter them.


The best worst thing about words is, they can never be erased, and rightly so.

For what is life without words?



Mask & The Man

I am not going to start this in a very typical,fascinating writer’s way.Instead ,I will start it as plane as it is.

As of now what’s on my mind is very simple but unanswered and unsolved question. WHY? why do all of us wear masks.I bet, you are also wearing one. To be true to yourself is the best thing one can do for himself for making this life more true and untangled. Sometimes,I would rather say,most of the times,we are with the mask,and we even don’t realize it.WHY?…..because we are so habitual of it that now we dont even feel that we are wearing one. A collection of mask ,everybody is loaded with,each one to disguise in fake emotion,feel,words,as the situation demands.Sometimes masks are necessary,sometimes they become a need,and slowly the mask become the new me,the fake-me.

Don’t loose yourself.When a child becomes  boy/girl and then Man/Women, it looses his innocence gradually,in this process and discovers which mask to wear at what time.Wearing masks will never help you.You’ll never feel that relaxation of mind and soul,your true spirit.You being yourself.People will come and go,fake mask will give you a lot of friend.

But remember they are with masks too,none true.


Tears and Rain

Tears and rain are the same……

As after rain everything seems so refreshing,so fresh….

After we cry a soul feels the same

When cloud surrounds and gather,Rain is the result…..

Tears comes out when emotions gather and heart can’t bear the pain…

Drop by drop , the heavy burden falls…..

Water for the cloud, as tears for strain

Both gives the relief,sometime both the reason of pain

Tears and rain are the same…..