The Recruiter-Acceptance of a declined

A Short Story:

Day 1: The search

Unusual,it was a very busy day for me. I was working on a position which was demanding some skills very hard to find in a candidate. I will tell you a bit about how it works. We get a requirement from our client (mostly Defence and Aerospace). We search for the best candidate all over The United States. Once found, we forward his candidature to the Hiring Manager. If Hiring Manager likes the resume ,he schedules an interview and if everything goes likely on the interview day candidate is selected.

I kept on working on the position. Two hours passed , still no luck, I decided to make last few calls. Luckily, I found a resume perfect for the position, and he was unemployed from quiet a good time. So, I was sure he will agree to work. I called  “Leo Harptoy”,the candidate. The same irritating voice -mail, “the person you are trying to call..blaah..blaahh.blaaa..please leave a message”, so I did. I e-mailed him the job description in some hope of getting a reply. I kept on searching but exhausted. To my relief, after about half an hour, a notification blinked. Leo finally replied to my e-mail that he is interested in the job. I emailed him back asking about his salary expectations and other formal questions and I got the reply of each and every information I asked for. Everything worked well and I forwarded his resume to the Hiring Manager. Finally, sitting back relaxing. Smiling as I kept my words “I will find the best candidate sir”.

Day 2: The Interview

I sat on my chair, switched on my computer and first thing I did was, clicked on outlook bookmark. I was hoping for an e-mail from the Manager, and YESSSS… there was an e-mail stating that Manager was interested in LEO’s resume and he would like to schedule an In-person interview with him. Happily, I called Leo, I reached his voice mail again. I called him twice but no use. With a bit of tension in my mind, I dropped a message in his mailbox. After around 20 minutes I got his reply and a positive one. He was available for the interview the very next day. After getting a confirmation from his side , I e-mailed him the details of the interview as well as I confirmed the interview on portal too. After the confirmation , I started my hunt again on other positions and so on….

Day 3: The Interviewed

I called Leo to remind him of his interview, we do this generally with our candidates. As usual, voice-mail. I emailed him again, and this time within 5 minutes I got his reply “Hey Vikky, I do remember and I am already dressed up in my formals for so long and will be there on time”.  I was quite sure now about him reaching on time. with a relieve I continued working.

By the end of the day, interview ,when I was preparing to leave the office , I received  a note from the Manager “Candidate Leo Harptoy Interviewed”. I thought of calling Leo to take a finterview,but it was late now. I thought of making a call the next day and left the office.

Day 4: Offer to the declined

I was very very happy to see a mail in my inbox “Candidate Leo Harptoy is offered the position for ….”. Without even waiting for a minute I called Leo , I was too sure that he will accept the offer . No responce ,of my first call. I decided to call again as this time I really wanted him to receive it . “Helloooo…”, unexpected ,a female voice was there on the other side, ” A very good morning . May I speak to Leo please”, I replied. “This is her mom.May I know who is calling”,she asked. Answering her question I replied,”My name is Vikky and I am calling to tell Leo that he is offered the position for which he was interviewed yesterday”. “Whaaaaaattt”, in a surprise she was I thought. In the same tone I replied ,”Yes and I am happy to inform him that finally he is in the right job now”. After few seconds of silence what she said are the words still echoes in my ears, “Son, he died two years ago in a car-crash while going for one of his interview”. Speechless,stunned,shocked, I dont know what it was ,unprofessionally I hung up the phone. I was unable to digest this, head started paining . Air condition was on but I was sweating. Shocked ,stood up from my desk ,took a half-day and just vanished from the office that day .

Till today I open my e-mail with a fear of getting an e-mail from Leo…. “hey buddy…you still there……”.



10 thoughts on “The Recruiter-Acceptance of a declined

  1. Anonymous says:

    I must say this story created a movie in my mind and when the climax came it gave me a goosebumps. On my part i will say its a great story. Now waiting for somemore to come. 👌👌


  2. Akanksha singh says:

    I want to know next part of the write it fast, i am very eager to read…n nice effort.
    N i must say maybe he wants to give you some kind of hints about your hiring manager..maybe he knows something about him.or maybe he wants to aware u.


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